Matthew McDonald

Section Leader – Analytical Chemistry

B.Sc. Chemistry

Matthew is the Technical Officer charged with overseeing all the practical work carried out in Gribbles Labnet’s Food Chemistry Department. Between high school and university he worked at Gribbles Veterinary in a part time capacity performing vitamin B12 analysis. He is a Graduate (BSc Chemistry) of the University of Otago with over 16 years of Laboratory experience. The first 9 years of his Chemistry career was focused in the mining sector where he was a senior laboratory supervisor. Seeking a change of pace and skill set Matthew moved full circle to Gribbles where he worked towards his MPI-LAS signatory status and upon achieving these milestones settled into his current role.

His personal interests previously included many contact sports such as kickboxing, karate and wrestling but he has settled down lately and they now revolve around his family and tend to include more sedate activities such as camping and archery. 


Contact: Mat McDonald

Phone: 03 489 2638