Courtney Browne

Technical Consultant

NZCSc (Animal Physiology & Microbiology)

Courtney started his career in science working for Tasman Vaccine Laboratories (TVL) in Upper Hutt. Here he was involved with Vaccine Production using Tissue Culture & managing the freeze drying of these vaccines.

After two years at TVL, Courtney joined the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) Wallaceville facility at Upper Hutt, where he worked in the Serology Section. The major focus there was the Brucellosis Eradication Scheme, which is rated as one of MAF’s best success story.

Following the wind up of this scheme after 10 years, he worked in the Diagnostic Microbiology Section team at MAF Quality Management’s Lincoln Animal Health Laboratory. In his time at Lincoln he started up the Food Microbiology Section, mainly servicing the Christchurch region. Upon the dissolution of MAF Quality management in 1998, the Food Microbiology business was bought out by Envrolink Laboratories, effectively increasing their size five-fold overnight.

Whilst carrying on with laboratory work and business development, he established a strong commercial relationship between Envrolink & LABNET. Courtney also established a wide network of laboratory contacts throughout NZ, enabling him to outsource unusual test requests testing in an efficient and cost effective manner.

In 2008, he joined Gribbles Labnet as a sales and technical consultant, based in Christchurch.


Contact: Courtney Browne

Phone: 027 342 7946